Terms of use

These apps can be used free of charge. Modification or redistribution of the app is allowed only with explicit permission from the author Neys at Assetto Corsa support forums or at Use at own risk.

Stable versions

Find the stable downloads of ptracker and stracker in the links below.


Version Size Downloads
ptracker-V3.3.6 23 MB 1749
ptracker-V3.3.5 23 MB 536
ptracker-V3.2.10 23 MB 3045
ptracker-V3.2.9 23 MB 1191
ptracker-V3.1.6 9 MB 1460
ptracker-V3.0.8 8 MB 509


Version Size Downloads
stracker-V3.3.7 20 MB 487
stracker-V3.3.5 20 MB 463
stracker-V3.2.10 20 MB 1773
stracker-V3.1.7 23 MB 595
stracker-V3.0.9 22 MB 235

Experimental versions

Please use the experimental versions only if you are prepared to accept some instabilities and bugs. If you want a system running stable and flawlessly, you'd better use the stable versions above.


Version Size Downloads
ptracker-V3.4.0-experimental 23 MB 77
ptracker-V3.3.4-experimental 23 MB 647
ptracker-V3.3.2-experimental 23 MB 106