stracker and ptracker

stracker and ptracker are apps for the race simulator Assetto Corsa.

stracker is the server-side portion and ptracker is for the client side (i.e., it runs in the game). Both apps aim to improve your online experience. It is not required to always have both instances running - stracker can be used without all drivers using ptracker and vice versa. However, you get the best experience when both are running.


Main Window

The client app provides a window in the game with 3 sections: The hotlap section, the leaderboard section and the message section. Each section is highly customizable, you decide about the information displayed on your screen.

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Chat functionality

ptracker has a chat feature built in accessable with hot keys. You can open a chat editor by pressing Alt+T (of course you can change the keys in the configuration dialog). There are 9 predefined messages mapped to the number pad keys 1 to 9 (NumLock has to be enabled):

7 hi 8 thank you! 9 bye
4 good race 5 good pass 6 sorry
1 :) 2 :D 3 :(


Additionally, there is a dialog with more detailed information and customization. You activate this by either double clicking on the hotlap section or by a single click on the connection icon. The dialog can be closed by clicking on the icon in the top left. The dialog has the following sections:


During the development of ptracker, a lot of effort has been spent to make it as efficient as possible and to keep the in-game FPS as high as possible. This is the reason why ptracker is split up into two parts, a normal python app running in the Assetto Corsa game and an exe file which is automatically started from the python app.


The server-side app automatically stores all laps, sessions and drivers in a database on the server. It can provide web pages with interesting information for access with a browser. See the NEYS AC server statistics for an example.

HTML Output

The HTML output of stracker features the following items:

Multiserver support

A lot of communities offer multiple AC servers. stracker supports these setups with flexible configuration options. You choose if you wish to keep all servers in one database, or have a seperate DB for each one.

Database backends

There are two database backends supported: sqlite and postgresql. While sqlite has its strengths in its ease of use, the postgresql database is a natural choice for larger setups. You can switch between these database backends at any time.